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European distinctions/awards for EGO All day exclusive bar

We are pleased to announce that the EGO all day exclusive bar participated in a Pan-European Architecture Competition and won three awards.

The awards are on the following categories:

BIG SEE INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD 2021 in the category “Wood, Wooden products”

BIG SEE INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD 2021 in the category “Tourism Design”

BIG SEE INTERIOR DESIGN AWARD 2021 in the category “Hospitality interior design”

The award ceremony will take place on October 14th and 15th in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

We would also like to inform you that EGO all day exclusive bar has declared candidacy in two other competitions:

ego-all-day-bar-kalamata - design-tourism awards 2021

Just to participate in such a highly competitive level makes us proud. We are waiting for the results and we will inform you immediately. EGO all day exclusive bar, by participating in high level competitions, confirms once again that nothing is impossible. Participation itself is a success for us, let alone when it is accompanied by an award.

EGO all day exclusive bar will continue to offer high quality services highlighting Greek hospitality and Messinian gastronomy. Kalamata can offer unique experiential worldliness in the field of catering and hospitality. Experiential worldliness can greatly differentiate each product or service in the long run and constitutes the most effective communication vehicle because it builds repeated sales.

Ernest Hemingway, one of the most significant American writers of the 20th century, said: “If you want to know about the culture of a city, spend a night in its bars”

Ego all day exclusive bar would like to publicly thank Architect Andreas Petropoulos for the outcome. A complete investment needs two components; VISION and CORRECT DESIGN which if combined with passion and the right mood, the result is unique.

EGO all day exclusive bar will be with you soon with a renewed menu, new spaces, new ideas, fresh staff and fully compliant with the NEW measures covid-19. If you go to Kalamata and do not visit your EGO you have not been to KALAMATA.

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